Friday, 31 March 2017

Church collage takes shapes

Artist Rebecca Mizon was joined by three young budding artists as she began lining out the collage of St John's.

Progress is made in the setting out their interpretations of the church while Rebecca works on the large screen 

Texture and colour brings out the creative styles of the individual painters as their creations make progress 

On completion the final works have been placed in the church for the public display. The large screen will soon have many examples of individual artwork created by the schools on their visits. They are encouraged during their visits to use a wide range of materials to depict the changing church through the seasons. It will be lasting record for all to see. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

On a glorious early spring day Westfield infant year 1 pupil enjoyed the outside activities as much as the indoor ones. In the Church they dressed up into character and took the roles of being mother and father, godparents and members of the family. They then listened with great interest to Lay Minster Jean who explained what happens at the christening, and they then christened a very well behaved doll.

Environment studies were taken very seriously after listening to the story of "Babes in the Woods". After working out how use the magnifying glasses, camera and binoculars the search of the graveyard began to find creepy crawly things if interest

The Bird table created great interest. it was suggested the plastic dome was and umbrella for the birds then it rained, but eventually decided it was to stop the squirrels stealing the birds food.

Two fantastic pieces of work for the collage inspired by the findings during the Environment studies period.

An excited group of pupils from Watton Westfield Junior show their visit.